I’d like to think we’re a fairly normal family,

but I’ll let  you read on and decide that for yourself.

We live in a rural town in a little rental house near a river in New South Wales, Australia.

Like most functional families, we try our best to stay healthy-  physically,  emotionally and financially. Some weeks we do better than others (that’s life though isn’t it).

We’ve always eaten well but for the last little while we’ve been reducing our sugar consumption. We’ve also been  trying to reduce our household waste and de-clutter our lives. I’d  like to say we decided to start living low and slow because we’re awesome, heroic, environmentally conscious citizens of earth, but it all really started because we want to travel light and save a few dollars. We figure this is the best preparation for our dream of being able to live a slow nomadic life on the ocean (or maybe we just want to be pirates).

Along the way we’re learning some things. Things about living with and for less – less waste, less fuss, less money and less stress. I started this site to document and share what we’ve learned and maybe rant a little about the environment, food, saving money and other random stuff.

So I probably should tell you a little about each of us…


Ms Scraps (aka: Me, Meaghan Louise or “Heeeyyy Muuummm”, author of this site)

I’m no environmental super-hero. Although that would be cool, but I don’t think I quite have the body to carry off the lycra suit these days – besides I’m pretty sure lycra is bad for the planet (I know it’s bad for our eyeballs). I’m not some sort of obsessive activist. I didn’t start out with any grand visions of a completely waste free, sugar free, fuss free world. I’m not sure any of these would ever be truly achievable for the majority of us mere mortals. I don’t have any special qualifications in any of these areas. I’ve read a few books by now, but I didn’t take any “scrap saving” or “sugar free” courses (which apparently you can. There’s a few courses out there if you google these subjects).  I’m just a mum, who grew up in the country among an extended family of frugal farmers who couldn’t afford to waste a thing. 

When I grew up and saw the šŸŒ a little, I decided that compulsive consumerism wasn’t something I wanted for myself and by default (sorry kids) my family.

Like a lot of mums, I muddle my way through most days. Having five kids, a partner, a grandchild, studying and trying to earn some sort of living, I’ve spent huge portions of my life looking for ways to “hack” things just so I can just get through the day. Amazingly low waste and low sugar living allows me to do just that. It also saves us a few dollars, always a bonus when the budget’s tight and lets face it, for the majority of us, its tight more weeks than its not.

Mr Scraps (aka: The chief taste tester also known as  Dad)

He’s tall, has a beard and most days dresses like a lumberjack. He is known to spend days either researching stuff or building things. While I’m at  work, studying or experimenting in the kitchen he taxies the Teens to and from sports practice and games and negotiates treaties with Miss T. He’s head taste tester for all recipes beginning with “F” (for food) and he’s the most vocal (and sometimes only) member of my cheer squad.

The Teens ( The Elder & The Younger)

The Elder Teen is has just finished high school, just got his drivers license and like most  his age, thinks he is invincible. Like many teen boys, he’s highly intelligent but loathes school, preferring to spend his time in paddocks and shearing sheds ( both of which are plentiful around here).

The Younger Teen still has a few years left at High School, is a star on the netball court and can eat more than most adult males (without gaining a gram, damn it). Her “spare” time is spent hiding in her room drawing  or watching reruns of Home & Away or the boxed set of Gilmore Girls she was gifted last Christmas.

Miss T, The Threenager (now four), the other taste tester and expert flatbread roller.

Now four and cute as a button, she’s definitely the boss of the house. She informs us that this week she is a “Dance Collage Artist”. We’re yet to work out what that actually is, when we do we’ll let you know.

The Uni Student

In her final year of teacher training (finished in December 2017) she’s an independent woman now, only breezing in once or twice each week when she requires feeding or to pick up and drop off  stuff in what is now her own personal storage room.

The Eldest

He’s all grown up now with a Little Scrap of his own and we don’t see him in person much these days. He lives and works in the Big Smoke, so he’s incredibly busy. We stay in contact mainly via text and funny Facebook memes but are occasionally graced with a visit.

Scrap Cat

Next to Miss T, this guy is the boss of the house. He can call all to command with his whiny yowl. The latest trick is to rip Miss T’s latest art piece off the fridge door whenever we ignore him or I fail to adequately fill his bowl in the evening. 

The Immortal Chicken

Thinks she is a dog and has long outlived her siblings, survived chicken bugs and snakes. She has long since stopped laying eggs. I doubt she ever did…we had four chickens and regularly got 3 eggs so someone obviously wasn’t putting out. She eats our scraps, keeps bugs of the plants she doesn’t scratch up or peck to death and has a talent for leaving interesting shaped chicken patties in strategic positions on the back step ( strategically placed so as to be unseen until the unsuspecting human ventures out shoeless and feels an icky squelch). We’re pretty sure she’s some sort of otherworldly entity in disguise sent to torment us and keep us in line…so she fits right in around here