As I’ve already mentioned, I started a new job at the end of last month. It’s been awesome so far. A huge learning curve because I’ve spent over a decade either self-employed or studying and the whole process is still a little alien yet.

I’m only doing a few days a week, so plenty of time to work on my thesis and get things done at home and I’m getting paid to work with people who love the same thing I do… Archaeology!

But another totally awesome thing about my new job is that nobody in the office thinks my efforts to avoid and reduce waste are weird.

It’s a Zero Waste friendly office!

Those of you who face-lurk or insta-stalk me might have already seen my post on Wednesday night about packing my salad in a jar for Thursday’s lunch at work. I didn’t grab a photo but one of the Ecologists brought his soup in a jar and the Archaeologist I work with regularly brings her smoothies in a jar.

There’s a kitchen… So we can bring our lunch and snacks ( less waste and way cheaper than buying lunch each day). They keep a filter jug in the fridge so there’s always fresh water to fill your water bottle and a compost basket under the sink for green waste ( our local council supplies them and the bio-bags as part of their Halve Waste program).

There’s tea and coffee too so no need to get take-out coffee but if you’re heading out to do fieldwork or travel for client meetings everyone has one of these:

And the bathroom is low waste eco-friendly too…

There’s “unpaper towels” for hand-drying and eco-friendly Who Gives a Crap loo roll and tissues. I don’t know who is washing the towels. I keep forgetting to ask, but I’m pretty sure it’s done by the Zerowaste fairy (like the tooth fairy but he/she cleans stuff instead of giving you monies.

It’s not a completely paperless office but the bulk of our work is done on the computer and scrap paper is reused before going into the recycling bin. Any soft plastics are taken home (this week by myself) to be dropped into a Redcycle bin (nearest one to us at the moment is at the Chiltern Post Office ( the Teens go there twice a week for sports training so it’s not out of the way).

Imagine if every office did these things…

6 comments on “My Awesome Zero Waste Work Week ”

  1. If only every office did these things! The one-cup coffee pod machine in our staff room made me so angry! At least pretend like you care about the planet. This post is great though, and shows people happy work alternatives.

  2. I really didn’t know that their was zero waster offices but it sure would be great of there were more of them. it a great idea and very feasible. I know a lot of office are going to paperless and storing all their information on computers which is a great idea and sure saves loads of paper. Thanks for sharing this and good luck on your new job. Visiting from #WasteLessWednesday Have a healthy, happy & blessed day.

  3. This is wonderful! I wish we had cloth hand towels at work. Using a paper towel every time I go to the restroom really bothers me, but I haven’t yet figured out a system for bringing my own towel that wouldn’t be totally inconvenient.

    Nadine, I recently wrote an article on the environmental, financial, and health costs of coffee pods–they’re worse than I thought!!

    • Always happy to share Katy, especially on your blog hop, I’ve found so many great posts through it. I do feel very blessed to have found employment in an environment that fits and embraces my own environmental goals.

  4. Since I already commented I’ll just say congratulations on being featured on #WasteLessWednesday blog hop. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

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