Next week is refugee week and for the past few years an organisation called Act for Peace has been running a Ration Challenge to raise funds to supply much needed food resources to refugees from war torn countries like Syria. Ordinary people who were probably just going about their normal daily lives who were forced to flee to save themselves and their families.

In order to help raise a few $$$ for this organisation this year I’m joining in.

For one week I’ll be chowing down on the contents of this little box. It’s not much. Some rice, a few chickpeas, some lentils, a can of beans, a tin of sardines, a little oil and some flour. Definitely no room for waste.

This is what Syrian refugees have to live on.

If they’re resourceful ( lucky) enough, they might be able to buy or find a little meat or a few vegetables. Even simple everyday spices that can make such simple ingredients more palatable day in and day out, like salt and pepper can be hard to get. They pretty much have to rely on rations supplied by organisations such as Act for Peace.

I’m not going to sugar coat it…It’s going to be tough. Especially for a tea and coffee guzzling gal like me in an office full of coffee drinkers and chocolate biscuit eaters. But I’ll give it a go.

I’ll be sharing updates here and on my fundraising page here:

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