This is a handy Dandy list of Online & Snailmail addresses for recycling, food sharing and zero waste, organic and eco-friendly online retailers.

A Note/Disclosure on Advertising:

I will let you know that I am affiliated with all these sites but I am affiliated with a couple. I don't get paid a bunch to promote them or receive any freebies for doing so (if I ever do I'll let you know) but I do get a small commission if someone happens to buy something through one of my links. I've only just started doing this (hoping it will be enough to keep this site ticking over) and am still testing the waters so if you come across anything that doesn't seem quite right please let me know and I'll endeavour to change or remove it asap.

All the sites listed on this page, even those I have no affiliation with, are ones that I have either personally visited and purchased from or  if not, know someone personally  that has. If you know of a fabulous online retailer or  somewhere that accepts recyclables by post let me know via the Facebook page or by email at and I'll check them out so we can add them to the list.

 Snail Mail Recycling

Plastic Card Recycling

This organisation is based in the United States but will recycle plastic gift cards and loyalty cards etc.

Post your expired or unwanted plastic cards cards to :

Earthworks System, LLC, 33200 Bainbridge Rd, Suite E, Solon, OH 44139


Don’t have a Redcycle bin available locally. Post your soft plastics like cling wrap and plastic produce bags etc to them direct. Post to: RED Group, 38 Chelmsford Street Williamstown, North VIC 3016 or check out to find your nearest drop off point.


In Australia, Terracycle has a free postal system for recycling beauty product packaging, plastic postage bags and oral care items like toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes.
To sign up for free reply post labels (you need to print them out at home, pop them on your parcel and either drop them off at the post office or into a red post office box) go to:

Non-Council Drop Off Recycling Points

Batteries – Household batteries can be dropped off for recycling at Aldi, Ikea and Century Yuasa Battery Recycling Centres across Australia – you can search for one close to you here:

Coffee pods – If you are still using coffee pods, don’t despair, these can be recycled at Nespresso stores OR Terracycle

Mobile Muster – Recycle old phones and accessories, handsets and chargers – often located in phone stores and at Australia Post outlets

Project Uplift – used bras and swimwear can be donated which are then provided to women who cannot afford or access these things



Food Sharing Resources

Ripe Near Me
This awesome little online resource lets you pop in your postcode and will give you a list of places that have fresh produce available, or you can list your own backyard excess


Zerowaste , Organic and  Eco friendly  Online Retailers in Australia & New Zealand

Biome - Zero Waste, Eco-Friendly products for home and health. They have almost everything from kitchen & personal care items to cheese & yoghurt kits. They also sell things like shea butter and charcoal powder so you can DIY your personal hygiene products.

Bulk Whole Foods - Flat Rate $9.95 shipping.

Buy Eco Green - Reasonably Priced Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable and Recycled Stationary, Glue, Tape, Office & Craft Supplies

EcoStore Aust  home & bodycare - you can get smaller versions of their products in various supermarkets, healthfood stores but they sell in bulk online.

Ethique -New Zealand bodycare

Flora and Fauna -Vegan & Creulty Free Personal Care Products & Accessories

Going Green Solutions -Eco Friendly Catering & Lifestyle Goods

Lushfor solid shampoos & bodycare products. They have plenty of stores too, see website for locations.

Om Made - handmade organic personal care/ skin care

Organic Wholefoods

Royal Nut Company

Santos Organics - home, food & personal care products.

Shop Naturally - organics, personal care, kitchenware and lifestyle products to suit a zero wasters. Check out their totally plastic free section.

The Source Bulk Foods

TriNature - home and body care.

Who Gives A Crap - paper goods - toilet paper, tissues & paper towels from 100% recycled paper.