Quick Scraps this week. 

I started writing this on Sunday evening from a cabin by an East Gippsland Lake, just a leisurely twenty minute stroll to the seaside. I’ll finish and post on Tuesday when we’re home ( although I think Mr Scraps has fallen in love with this piece of Australia and may be seriously considering not returning to our little rented river house). 

It’s only been a short stay and we had to drive through this to get here…

Which was a bit of an unexpected scary surprise.. But totally worth it. It was the Threenagers first experience of snow so despite the hairy trip over the mountains, it was awesome. In fact the whole trip has been awesome.

We’ve cruised the lakes, walked on the beach, watched seals play on the rocks, made sandcastles, collected seashells and eaten icecream cones lakeside.

And we’ve managed to do it all without breaking the bank, eating cheap junk food or leaving a trail of trash behind us (although I did bring home several paper napkins for our compost bin and a chip packet to add to our Redcycle bag because I didn’t come across one of their bins on our journey). 

We’ve eaten out at least one meal each day, which we planned and budgeted for. But the rest of our meals and snacks were prepared at home. I just popped a couple of the homemade frozen lasagnes from last week, a Ham and Egg slice, some fruit, Milk, Cheese, crackers, bread rolls and a few other bits and pieces in an esky. It’s winter and the car trip was only about 5 hours, plus a few stops to check out Op Shops and stretch our legs, so it was all still icy cold when we arrived. If we do the trip over summer (hopefully our Miss Cara Van project will be complete by then) we’ll have to borrow /buy a car fridge.

The cabin has a kitchen with all the basics, so we didn’t need to bring anything else. Next time we might  bring the fishing rods and catch our dinner like the locals. Although fishing for crabs is out,  according to our landlords… There were signs stuck up all over the cabin kitchen telling us not to cook them. I’d like to think it was because the owners found the thought of boiling a live creature abhorrent but I suspect it was because of the smell and potential mess…

Everyone has their own water bottle for when we’re out and about, so we save a lot by not having to buy drinks for everyone. 

We avoided “fast food” places and opted for “sit down”  small businesses who serve food on real plates with real cutlery. 

We also brought our Zerowaste style personal care kits (deodorant, toothpowder,  soap etc) so we didn’t have to rely on those little sample sized plastic wrapped things most hotels and cabins supply.

So we’ve  managed to produce practically no trash. We also came across very little considering this part of Gippsland is high traffic for tourists (although it is the middle of winter here and despite being school holidays, for most places it’s definitely off season). 

One thing we did find however, was this…

Mr Scraps picked this one up on the beach at Lake Tyers, thankfully just before the Threenager stuck herself with it while building sandcastles. 

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